Diversity and Democracy


The Quality Imperative

AAC&U's board of directors recently released a statement on the critical need for educators to focus on the quality of all students' education in addition to the quantity of degrees completed. Emphasizing that "the quality of individuals' actual learning is the most important resource we have as a society," the statement outlines essential goals that should be central to all students' experiences within the framework of access and success.

Achieving the Dream Equity Resource Center

The Achieving the Dream initiative aims to improve success for community college students, particularly those low-income students and students of color who have been traditionally underserved. The Web site includes an Equity Resource Center with helpful readings for colleges at all stages of the self-improvement process. To access these resources, visit www.achievingthedream.org/campusstrategies/

Pathways to College Network

The Pathways to College Network, directed by the Institute for Higher Education Policy, supports research and practices that undergird and improve access and success for underserved students. The Web site offers a variety of topical libraries and online toolboxes with resources to improve college readiness, attendance rates, and persistence. To download these and other items, visit www.pathwaystocollege.net.

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