Diversity and Democracy


The Gender Diversity Project

The Gender Diversity Project at the City College of San Francisco has created critical resources for educators hoping to include issues affecting transgender and gender variant people in their curricula. The project's Resources for Education include an extensive Facilitator's Guide and several videos to prompt conversation in the classroom. To access these resources, visit www.ccsf.edu/hiv/gdp.

LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education

Formed in 2010, LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education provides support for the growing number of college and university presidents who publically identify as LGBTQ, as well as advocacy for LGBTQ issues in higher education. To learn more about the group's activities and mission, visit www.lgbtqpresidents.org.

Consortium of LGBT Higher Education Resource Professionals

This consortium of faculty, staff, and graduate students advocates for policies and practices that improve the campus climate for LGBT individuals. The consortium is a cosponsor of LGBTQ Architect (http://architect.lgbtcampus.org/), a compendium of free online resources for higher education professionals. To learn more about the consortium, visit www.lgbtcampus.org.

Campus Pride

Campus Pride is a national nonprofit organization connecting "student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students" (from the website). The organization's resources include leadership camps, webinars, and the LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index. For more information, visit www.campuspride.org.

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