Diversity and Democracy

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Another Kind of Public Education: Race, Schools, the Media, and Democratic Possibilities, Patricia Hill Collins (Beacon Press, 2009, $27.95 cloth)

With this look at the interplay between education and democratic action, Patricia Hill Collins traces the blurry line between "opting in" and "selling out" to identify critical modes of resistance to racism in the public sphere. Hill Collins calls her readers to consider education's vital relationship to democracy, and underscores the need for education to assist students in gaining the skills necessary to act in support of their principles. The book is critical reading for anyone interested in education's potential role as a change agent in a diverse democracy.

Ethnicity in College: Advancing Theory and Improving Diversity Practices on Campus, Anna M. Ortiz and Silvia J. Santos (Stylus Publishing, LLC, 2009, $35.00 cloth)

By studying the experiences of 120 Southern California college students, researchers Ortiz and Santos take an in-depth look at the role college plays in ethnic identity development. Their book provides a close look at the divergent developmental paths traversed by students of different ethnicities, and the effect college has on students' understanding of their ethnicity. With smart analysis and helpful suggestions for maximizing the positive effects of campus diversity, the volume is a significant contribution to the literature on identity, diversity, and education.

The Case for Affirmative Action on Campus: Concepts of Equity, Considerations for Practice, Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher, Denise O'Neil Green, M. Christopher Brown II, and David O. Stovall (Stylus Publishing, LLC, 2009, $29.95 cloth)

This text provides a comprehensive overview of the state of affirmative action law and the climate for related policies on college campuses. It suggests a persistent need for affirmative action even decades after the civil rights movement, and lays out the arguments in favor of these controversial policies. By delving into deep divides and grappling with tough questions, the volume articulates a compelling case for affirmative action--and will help its readers make this case to the higher education world.

Resilience: Queer Professors from the Working Class, Kenneth Oldfield and Richard Greggory Johnson III, Editors (State University of New York Press, 2008, $27.95 paperback)

Anchored at the intersections between class and sexual identity, this anthology of autobiographical essays gives voice to the particular experiences of working-class LGBT women and men in higher education. Through deeply personal narratives, the contributors make palpable the challenges and triumphs common to their particular identities, creating a powerful statement about the need for equitable institutions and the persistence of those who succeed in their absence. This is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand how personal identity inflects academic careers.

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