Diversity & Democracy, Winter 2011

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Education for Personal and Social Responsibility: Applying the Life of the Mind to the Work of the World

If college is a place for students to ask big existential questions about the world around them, it is also a space for considering how one's particular actions affect that world. This issue explores how developing and practicing personal and social responsibility can help students bridge the gaps between individual and global contexts to apply their learning for the greater good.

Table of Contents
Personal and Social Responsibility

By Caryn McTighe Musil, Association of American Colleges and Universities

By Robert D. Reason, Penn State University

By Clea Andreadis, Kimberly Burns, Elise Martin, and Rebecca Newell, Middlesex Community College


By Leila Chatti, Michigan State University

By Jhoanna Amigable, University of the Pacific

Campus Practice

By Lou Matz, University of the Pacific

Research Report

By Kathryn Peltier Campbell, Association of American Colleges and Universities

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