Peer Review

Peer Review, Summer 2010
Summer 2010

Peer Review, Summer 2010: This issue explores new strategies for diversifying the faculty and developing their effectiveness as teachers and engaged scholars. This issue draws on discussions from the 2009 Faculty Resource Network/Leadership Alliance special joint session on The Future of the Professoriate.

Peer Review, Spring 2010
Spring 2010

Peer Review, Spring, 2010: This issue highlights undergraduate programs that integrate students into the research community through mentored experiences in various disciplines. These programs strive to provide students with hands-on opportunities to participate in original research projects and to engage in creative activities and scholarship under the guidance of experienced faculty members. Articles focus on undergraduate research in the arts and humanities, as well as in STEM disciplines, and describe models for first-year and lower-division students.

Peer Review, Winter 2010
Winter 2010

This issue explores how departments are developing assessment approaches that deepen student learning. Recognizing that most faculty identify strongly with their discipline and that students are engaged in more complex and sophisticated practice of liberal learning as they complete their majors, the issue presents articles that advance integrative and engaged learning in and across disciplines. The features draw on sessions and presentations from AAC&U’s 2009 Engaging Departments Institute.

The Winter 2010 issue of Peer Review has sold out. Articles are available online and the full issue is available as a PDF.

Peer Review, Fall 2009
Fall 2009

Peer Review, Fall, 2009: Features articles on best practices in campus study abroad programs, research on the impact of study abroad, and...