Peer Review

Peer Review, Winter/Spring 2002
Winter/Spring 2002

Peer Review, Winter/Spring 2002: This issue presents the RAND Corporation/Council for Aid to Education's Value Added Assessment Initiative, a long-term project to assess the quality of undergraduate liberal education in America at the institutional level. Also includes several initial responses to the initiative.

Peer Review, Summer/Fall 2001
Summer/Fall 2001

Peer Review, Summer/Fall 2001: This issue explores the challenges faced by this successful innovation and presents current best practices.

Peer Review, Spring 2001
Spring 2001

Peer Review, Spring 2001: This issue provides an overview of the history and current state of academic governance.

Peer Review, Winter 2001
Winter 2001

Peer Review, Winter 2001: This issue considers the context for, and the challenges of, integrating liberal and professional studies in the undergraduate curriculum.