Peer Review

Peer Review, Winter 2006
Winter 2006

Peer Review, Winter, 2006: This issue highlights undergraduate programs that integrate students into the research community through mentored experiences in the various disciplines.

Summer/Fall 2005

The Summer/Fall 2005 issue of Peer Review focuses on integrative learning. Integrative abilities are among the most important goals of a twenty-first-century liberal education. Articles in this issue explore how integrative learning fosters connections among disciplines and cocurricular experiences and transcends academic boundaries.

Peer Review, Spring, 2005
Spring 2005

Peer Review, Spring, 2005: Sponsored by the Kauffman Consortium for Liberal Education and Entrepreneurship, housed at the College of Charleston, this issue explores how entrepreneurial ideas and values, especially those tied to a sense of social responsibility, might reinvigorate and complement contemporary understandings of liberal education across multiple disciplines.

Peer Review, Winter 2005
Winter 2005

Peer Review, Winter 2005: This issue explores efforts to improve science education for majors and nonmajors through new forms of engaged science learning. Included are an overview of trends in undergraduate science reform, a reflection on the multiple meanings of engaged learning, and a list of myths about engagement that prevent science faculty from adopting active learning pedagogies.