Peer Review

Peer Review, Fall 2007
Fall 2007

Peer Review, Fall, 2007: Faculty development will play a critical role in efforts to achieve essential learning outcomes for all students. This issue features the key challenges and pressures facing faculty members and institutions as they work to orient new faculty and build the skills of existing faculty.

Peer Review, Summer, 2007
Summer 2007

Peer Review, Summer, 2007: The Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) project seeks to advance engaged student learning and determine how it might improve the quality of students’ education, development, health, and commitment to civic engagement. This issue provides a brief project overview as well as several campus examples that offer specific forms of engaged learning and how they are contributing to students’ health and well-being.

Peer Review, Spring 2007
Spring 2007

Peer Review, Spring, 2007: As campuses implement more complex assignments, community placements, internships, student research programs, and other engaged learning practices, the opportunity for students to demonstrate complex capacities will be increased. This issue addresses a variety of approaches to achieving and assessing the advanced learning outcomes derived from these practices. It includes a special focus on developing and assessing capstone courses.

Peer Review, Winter 2007
Winter 2007

Peer Review, Winter, 2007: The issue presents data on college readiness, effective strategies for increasing student engagement and motivation to work hard and succeed, and new ways to measure student achievement of key learning outcomes.