Liberal Education

Liberal Education, Fall 2012
Fall 2012

This issue explores how a college or university’s commitment to sustainability can transform institutional practice and help advance the aims of liberal learning. Also included are articles on civic scientific literacy, education for stewardship of the global commons, the role of division I athletics in a liberal education, the value of considering across-the-curriculum initiatives within the context of general education reform, and an approach to creating shared expectations for student achievement within the disciplines.

Liberal Education, Summer 2012
Summer 2012

This issue presents highlights of the 2012 AAC&U annual meeting. Also included are articles on assessment reform as a means of facilitating innovation in science education, the current state and future prospects of the liberal arts college, and the importance of foreign language study.

Liberal Education, Spring 2012
Spring 2012

This issue examines underemphasized dimensions of diversity, new research about the links between student outcomes and campus practices that promote diversity and civic-mindedness, and the historical development of the notion of "civic virtue." Also included are articles on quantitative literacy, on the place of the arts in a liberal education, on how the goals of the LEAP initiative look from the perspective of a for-profit university, and on evidence-based problem solving.

Liberal Education, Winter 2012
Winter 2012

This issue presents several perspectives on the ongoing national efforts to increase college completion rates, focusing in particular on the potential negative unintended consequences for educational quality. Other topics include successful models of change for STEM reform, program-level assessment, the development of liberal education outcomes at America's service academies, outcomes of global learning, school-college collaboration, and the uses of mobile technology.