Liberal Education

Liberal Education, Winter 2011
Winter 2011

A fresh look at several broad trends affecting the status and future of the professoriate, including higher education's increasing reliance on contingent academic labor, the relationship between the commitment to faculty diversity and the emergence of a two-tier professoriate, and institutional responses to the recent recession. Other topics include declines in college student study time, general education reform, the humanities, and a liberal arts professor's rapprochement with outcomes assessment.

Liberal Education, Fall 2010
Fall 2010

An in-depth look at integrative learning, including its relation to interdisciplinary studies, its implications for faculty development, and its role in the sweeping changes to higher education in Hong Kong. Additional topics include Project Kaleidoscope’s role in fostering innovation in STEM pedagogy and faculty development, often-overlooked classroom variables that affect the quality of teaching and learning, the relationship between computer science and liberal education outcomes, students’ understanding of liberal education, and three-year degree proposals.

Liberal Education, Summer 2010
Summer 2010

This issue presents highlights of the 2010 annual meeting. Also included are articles on the hidden costs of low four-year graduation rates, interfaith dialogue, the pedagogy of the debate over evolution and intelligent design, teaching for ethical reasoning, and California’s Master Plan.

Liberal Education, Spring 2010
Spring 2010

Articles by educational leaders at West Point, the Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy explore how and why these institutions continue to prioritize liberal education even as they reshape their curricula to meet changing demands of military service in the twenty-first century.The issue also presents new research on living-learning programs, strategies for strengthening higher education in tough economic times, and a case for making visual literacy a central component of a contemporary liberal education.