Liberal Education

Liberal Education: Summer 2013
Summer 2013

This issue features annual meeting presentations on the future of diversity, gender equity, and institutional governance. Also included are...

Liberal Education, Spring 2013
Spring 2013

This issue presents the findings from a new national survey of employer priorities for college learning and student success, along with the text...

Liberal Education: Winter 2013
Winter 2013

Liberal Education: Winter, 2013 - In exploring the diversity of teaching formats and strategies that different faculty members at different institutions use in a widely taken course, this issue raises questions about what, where, and how students learn in courses that are assumed to cover the same ground. Also included are articles on the genesis and history of PKAL, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s higher education work, findings from the Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory, helping students develop "habits of mind," and best practices in serving students with learning and other disabilities.

Liberal Education, Fall 2012
Fall 2012

This issue explores how a college or university’s commitment to sustainability can transform institutional practice and help advance the aims of liberal learning. Also included are articles on civic scientific literacy, education for stewardship of the global commons, the role of division I athletics in a liberal education, the value of considering across-the-curriculum initiatives within the context of general education reform, and an approach to creating shared expectations for student achievement within the disciplines.