Liberal Education

Liberal Education, Summer 2014
Summer 2014

This issue focuses on the leadership role individual faculty members can play as agents of curricular change by, for example, customizing student course evaluations, incorporating a global perspective into courses, and redesigning first-year orientation courses. Also included are an appeal to attend to the formation of students’ souls, a call for a new developmental paradigm for liberal education, a history of the Wye Faculty Seminars, and a warning about a creeping managerialism within college and university administration.

Liberal Education, Spring 2014
Spring 2014

This issue presents highlights of the 2014 AAC&U annual meeting. Also included are articles on the second iteration of the Degree Qualifications Profile, the relationship between witness and service, divergent traditions of democracy in relation to higher education, and recent Supreme Court rulings affecting diversity efforts.

Liberal Education, Winter 2014
Winter 2014

Liberal Education, Winter 2014: This special issue features an overview of the Lilly Endowment’s Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation.

Liberal Education: Fall, 2013
Fall 2013

The authors of this issue's featured articles take a hard look at the phenomenon of the MOOC, the hype surrounding it, and its relation to the aims and purposes of both liberal learning and democratic education. Other authors provide a critique of competency-based education, take stock of the achievements and shortcomings of European educational reform fifteen years into the Bologna Process, propose a new field of interfaith studies, call for educators to promote civil discourse, and reflect on the "liberating" aspects of a liberal education.