Liberal Education

Liberal Education, Winter 2003
Winter 2003

Liberal education initiatives are proliferating around the world, along with other globalizing trends. This trend requires a new understanding of reciprocity between U.S. institutions and developing countries and a rethinking of study abroad programs and collaborative initiatives.

Liberal Education, Fall 2002
Fall 2002

Presidential leaders have the opportunity to contribute the resources of their institutions to public service. The universities they lead should be models in confronting the problems of a complex society and contributing to their solution.

Liberal Education: Summer 2002
Summer 2002

A review of recent studies regarding new faculty and of graduate students aspiring to a faculty career documents the deficiencies in graduate education and the need for better bridges between doctoral preparation and the actual work of faculty.

Liberal Education, Spring 2002
Spring 2002

With the new millennium, the focus on public values that drive institutions and empower leaders has become increasingly prominent. Since the macroethics of large social institutions play a major role in public affairs, liberal education is called upon to provide students with opportunities to refine their moral imagination and moral reasoning. What are the public values needed for the modern interdependent world?