Diversity and Democracy

Diversity & Democracy, Winter 2012
Winter 2012

This issue of Diversity & Democracy explores how higher education is creating classroom and campus forums that engage with LGBTQ issues.

Diversity & Democracy, Fall 2011
Fall 2011

Higher education plays an important role in equipping today’s students with the skills, knowledge, and capacities they need to participate in a diverse democracy. Inspired by a forthcoming report on reversing the civic recession supported by the US Department of Education, this issue of Diversity & Democracy explores how various institutions are enacting civic learning initiatives that prepare students for democratic engagement.

Diversity & Democracy, Spring 2011
Spring 2011

Today's students face critical challenges that will require both global knowledge and scientific literacy. This issue of Diversity & Democracy examines the vital learning that can occur at the intersections of these strands of thought, where global learning provides a frame for scientific thinking and science forms the basis of global understanding.

Diversity & Democracy, Winter 2011
Winter 2011

Diversity & Democracy, Winter, 2011: If college is a place for students to ask big existential questions about the world around them, it is also a space for considering how one's particular actions affect that world. This issue explores how developing and practicing personal and social responsibility can help students bridge the gaps between individual and global contexts to apply their learning for the greater good.