Diversity and Democracy

Diversity & Democracy, Fall 2012
Fall 2012

This issue of Diversity & Democracy highlights current research on the connections between civic engagement and student success, defined broadly across a range of outcomes. It shares civically engaged programs and related educational strategies that yield student success by a variety of measures.

Diversity & Democracy, Spring 2012
Spring 2012

This issue of Diversity & Democracy explores how the arts and humanities can enhance students' capacities for democratic participation within diverse and globally interconnected local and national communities.

Diversity & Democracy, Winter 2012
Winter 2012

This issue of Diversity & Democracy explores how higher education is creating classroom and campus forums that engage with LGBTQ issues.

Diversity & Democracy, Fall 2011
Fall 2011

Higher education plays an important role in equipping today’s students with the skills, knowledge, and capacities they need to participate in a diverse democracy. Inspired by a forthcoming report on reversing the civic recession supported by the US Department of Education, this issue of Diversity & Democracy explores how various institutions are enacting civic learning initiatives that prepare students for democratic engagement.