Diversity and Democracy

Diversity and Democracy, Winter 2008
Winter 2008

Religious Diversity challenges educators seeking to prepare students with intercultural skills for effectiveness in a pluralistic society. As students and faculty grapple with the roles that spirituality and belief play within and across disciplines, this issue of Diversity & Democracy opens the door for more rewarding conversations.

Fall 2007

Global learning gives students the tools to engage ethically in an inter-dependent world, both at home in the U.S. and in international contexts. With the support of the Luce Foundation and the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education, AAC&U’s Shared Futures: General Education for Global Learning project guides institutions through the process of globalizing education for all students.

Winter 2006

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Table of Contents

Student Leadership: Making a Difference in the World
Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve
Berea College: Learning, Labor, and Service
A Developmental and Capacity-Building Model for Community Partnerships
The Power of a Sustained Relationship between Community Partners and Colleges and Universities
Prequel to Civic Engagement: An African American Studies Research Seminar
Service Learning and Policy Change
Facilitating Student Growth as Citizens: A Developmental Model for Community-Engaged Learning
An Intentional and Comprehensive Student Development Model
Bonner: More Than a Model, a Lived Experience
                                                             Relationships First
                                                             Commitment to a Cause
                                                             Preparing to Serve
                                                             Checklist from the President’s Chair
                                                             LifeWorks and the Commons: A Model for General Education
                                                             The Case for Studying Poverty
                                                             Engaging with Difference Matters: Longitudinal Outcomes of the Cocurricular Bonner Scholars Program
                                                             Resources for Civic Engagement
                                                             Serving, Voting, and Speaking Out: Bonner Students Reflect on Civic Engagement