Diversity and Democracy

Diversity and Democracy, Winter, 2018
Winter 2018

As campus communities become increasingly diverse, it is crucial to build cultures in higher education that respect and support all aspects of students’ and educators’ multiple, intersecting identities. This issue of Diversity & Democracy, produced in partnership with Bringing Theory to Practice and funded in part by Bringing Theory to Practice and the Endeavor Foundation, examines how higher education institutions can take an intersectional approach to fostering individual, community, and institutional well-being.

Diversity and Democracy, Fall, 2017
Fall 2017

This issue of Diversity & Democracy suggests a range of approaches to building institutional capacity for student success. Contributing authors describe leadership and innovation at multiple levels, from the individual to the cultural to the infrastructural, with a focus on creating strong frameworks for student advancement.

Diversity and Democracy, Spring-Summer, 2017
SPR/SUM 2017

What is the relationship between free speech and civil discourse? Which voices are heard in what contexts? And what are the implications for inclusive learning environments? This issue explores these questions and more, with a focus on how colleges and universities across the country are navigating current events.

Diversity and Democracy, Winter, 2017
Winter 2017

The Preamble to the US Constitution speaks of “We the People”—but who counts as “We the People” is a hotly contested question. In Citizenship Under Siege, a project organized by AAC&U and The Democracy Commitment with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, seven community colleges used the humanities to explore this topic. Featuring the efforts of project participants and educators engaged in similar work, this issue of Diversity & Democracy illustrates the potential of the humanities to illuminate issues of identity and belonging.