Diversity and Democracy

Spring/Summer 2019

Undergraduate global health education is a relatively new field that exemplifies how a liberal education can prepare students for work, life, and citizenship in an interconnected world. Contributors to this issue explore themes that are relevant across higher education, including experiential learning, cultural humility, critical reflection, ethical engagement, social justice, constructive dialogue, curricular coherence, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

This issue of Diversity & Democracy was produced in partnership with, and funded in part by, Allegheny College. The Association of American Colleges and Universities would like to thank Caryl Waggett and Vesta Silva of Allegheny College for their leadership and guidance in serving as guest editors for this issue.

Winter 2019

Today’s students are taking the lead to create change at their colleges and universities—in the curriculum and cocurriculum, policies and practices, facilities and student services, and campus climate and institutional priori­ties. Some of these efforts are entirely student led, while others involve partnerships among students, faculty, staff, and administrators working toward shared goals, including increased support for equity, inclusion, global citizenship, environmental sustainability, campus safety, and all forms of diversity.

Fall 2018

Students from low-income backgrounds come to college with valuable perspectives and strengths, yet they also face daunting challenges—from rising college costs, to family and work responsibilities, to the difficulty of navigating predominantly middle-class norms on campus, to basic needs insecurity. The contributors to this issue of Diversity & Democracy describe their work to honor students’ assets and identify and break down barriers that may stand in the way of their success.

Summer 2018

This issue of Diversity & Democracy examines how colleges and universities are studying the histories of their institutions and local communities, connecting history to present-day issues, and working to create a better future. The colleges and universities featured in this issue are working to promote equity, integrity, and civic responsibility by strengthening campus/community relationships and creating new programs, practices, and legacies.