Project Partners

The creation of inter- and intra-institutional relationships, trust, and collaboration has emerged consistently as the most transformative outcome of AAC&U’s large-scale projects. We hear from LEAP States participants that they have difficulty communicating to colleagues the interconnections among the several large-scale projects in which LEAP States participate. To create optimal conditions for sustainability and resilience, we need to build centers for resources we have never built before.

In Phase One of the project, Faculty Collaboratives will create Innovation Hubs in five of the LEAP States:

  • California: the California State University System
  • Indiana: the Indiana Commission for Higher Education
  • Texas: LEAP Texas, a voluntary coalition of institutions of higher education in Texas
  • Utah: the Utah System of Higher Education
  • Wisconsin: the University of Wisconsin System

In Phase Two, the other five LEAP States will be invited to join and will receive seed grants toward their own Innovation Hubs:

  • Kentucky:  the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
  • Massachusetts: the Massachusetts Department of Education
  • North Dakota: the North Dakota University System
  • Oregon: the Higher Education Coordinating Commission
  • Virginia: the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

In both Phase One and Phase Two, the Faculty Collaboratives project staff will collaborate closely with organizations and initiatives working on convergent and parallel work in the field, including: