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Seven Minority-Serving Institutions Chosen for Curriculum Redesign and Problem-Centered Learning Project

AAC&U Project to Generate Findings on the Impact of Problem-Centered Learning and Intentional Curricular Designs in Advancing Student Success
Oct 23, 2014

Washington, DC—The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) announced today the seven minority-serving institutions chosen for the project, Advancing Underserved Student Success Through Faculty Intentionality in Problem-Centered Learning.  The project is funded by a grant from TG Philanthropy to expand AAC&U’s ongoing work to make excellence inclusive and ensure that all college students benefit from quality high-impact educational practices and meaningful assessment of students’ demonstrated achievement of learning outcomes.

The institutions chosen are:

California State University–Los Angeles (CA)
Community College of Philadelphia (PA)
Heritage University (WA)
Queensborough Community College (NY)
St. Edward’s University (TX)
University of Houston–Downtown (TX)
Winston-Salem State University (NC)

Part of AAC&U’s ongoing Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative, the project will examine the degree to which clearly articulated expectations for student learning and the implementation of problem-centered instructional strategies help to deepen student learning and increase underserved student success in college.  The project builds upon existing research on intentional and effective classroom strategies, high-impact educational practices and programs, and assessment approaches that use rubrics to evaluate students’ demonstrated achievement.  The project includes a special focus on understanding effective practices for underserved student development and success in college.

“Minority-serving institutions have an important role to play in understanding how colleges and universities can improve success outcomes for underserved students. The seven institutions chosen for this project have demonstrated a commitment to student success, quality educational experiences, and assessment—each of which is essential for advancing real change in higher education,” said Ashley Finley, AAC&U’s Senior Director of Assessment and Research.

Under the leadership of AAC&U researchers, Ashley Finley, Senior Director of Assessment and Research, and Tia McNair, Senior Director for Student Success, the project will work with teams of faculty at these competitively-chosen institutions to:

  • Develop problem-centered, high-impact learning experiences and assignments;
  • Create strategies for clearly articulating expectations and goals for learning;
  • Use VALUE rubrics to directly assess student work for demonstrated achievement of Essential Learning Outcomes, such as integrative learning and problem solving; and
  • Create faculty portfolios to enable instructors to document and reflect upon effective teaching practices.

AAC&U is partnering in this research with Dr. Mary-Ann Winkelmes, AAC&U Senior Fellow and Coordinator of Instructional Development and Research and the Director of the Transparency in Teaching and Learning Project at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas.

See: for more information about this project.

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