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Bringing Theory to Practice Releases New Book on Well-Being and Higher Education: A Strategy for Change and the Realization of Education's Greater Purposes

BTtoP's Latest Volume Features Original Essays from Recognized Scholars, Examines Higher Education’s Relationship to Students’ Well-Being both in Theory and in Realized Campus Practices

Aug 15, 2016

Bringing Theory to Practice Awards More Than 50 Grants

Washington, DC—The Bringing Theory to Practice Project (BTtoP) is pleased to announce the release of a new publication funded with the support of the Endeavor Foundation: Well-Being and Higher Education: A Strategy for Change and the Realization of Education’s Greater Purposes.

“Well-being and higher education are connected, and those connections matter. They matter for the individual lives of students and those who teach; they matter for the institution; they matter for the promise of a democratic civic society; and they matter for whether or not the unique and full promise of higher education—its greater purposes—can be advanced and realized,” notes Don Harward, BTtoP Director and editor of the volume.

The thirty-five original essays and provocations by some of the utmost respected voices both within and beyond the academy present in this volume both theoretical underpinnings and practical expressions of these connections of well-being to the work and to the identity of what it means to be a college campus.

The volume provides the most thorough discussion of well-being in the context of higher education currently available. Essays range from examining what well-being means, both in the hedonic and eudaimonic traditions, to how well-being is linked to the core purposes of an institution of higher education, to how campuses can facilitate and manifest this connection in realized ways—for the better of the students and the better of the world into which we expect them to thrive and shape.

Bringing Theory to Practice has also published: a set of five monographs, which together, make up the Civic Series (2014), and seek to invigorate the intellectual climate and promote public discussion in addressing the civic mission of higher education; and Transforming Undergraduate Education (Rowman and Littlefield, 2012) which discusses the importance of creating and sustaining undergraduate cultures for engaged learning and discovery.

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