Pre-conference Workshops

Thursday, February 27, 2:00–5:00 p.m.

Separate registration and fee required ($100 members; $150 non-members); all workshops are now full.

SOLD OUT - Workshop 1: Building Campus Support for Change through Curricular “Mapping”
Workshop leader Gail Evans will review the process for “mapping” student learning from course to institutional mission/strategic plan to LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. Participants will examine how to use e-portfolio assessment to “map” from artifact to course level, program level, baccalaureate goals, strategic plan, and LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to strategize on using LEAP and/or their institutional goals to build campus support for curricular innovation, strategic planning, accreditation, and assessment.
Gail Evans, (Retired) Dean of Undergraduate Studies, San Francisco State University

SOLD OUT -Workshop 2: Designing Authentic, Multi-sourced Learning: Engaging Students and Faculty
Traditional universities and community colleges are facing unprecedented competition from online and for-profit alternatives for general education.  In this context, general education must be engaging, creative, accessible, and inspiring for students and faculty.  Faculty can explore what learning experiences maximize the benefits of their being face-to-face with their students.  Workshop facilitators and participants will share promising practices for using valuable class time with students to create authentic, multi-sourced learning experiences that help students integrate and transfer knowledge from life, work, and across the curriculum.  Participants will consider the essential roles of assessment and reflection in providing feedback about the growth in students’ knowledge, abilities, and paths to success. 
Kimberly Eby, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Director, Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence, George Mason University; and Sarah Ulerick, Division Dean of Science, Lane Community College

SOLD OUT -Workshop 3: Strategic Planning for Academic Leaders
Workshop facilitators will assist academic leaders involved in strategic planning, either institution-wide or sector-specific.  Participants will examine planning scenarios from a variety of institutions and facilitators will discuss what actually transpired at these institutions.  Facilitators will share best practices in strategic planning and provide resources for participants.  
Katie Conboy, Provost and Senior Vice President, Simmons College;Tuajuanda Jordan, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Lewis and Clark College; and Marlene Moore, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean, Willamette University
Sponsored by the American Conference of Academic Deans

SOLD OUT -Workshop 4: Assessing Civic and Global Learning 
Campus educators will learn methodologies for fostering and assessing civic and global learning, in general education and in the majors. How are faculty transcending disciplines to provide opportunities for students to connect information from disparate fields of study and to think freshly about society’s pressing issues? By what processes do students understand their connections to local and global communities?  How do educators assess student's interdisciplinary civic and global learning within the context of academic programs? How can institutions develop rubrics and align learning activities for facilitating global and civic competence? Participants will share strategies and outline applicable next steps for their institutions.
Christine Cress, Professor of Postsecondary Education and Service-Learning, Portland State University; and Seth Pollack, Professor of Service Learning and Director of the Service Learning Institute, California State University–Monterey Bay

SOLD OUT - Workshop 5: Essential Practices for Effective Rubric Implementation 
Campuses are increasingly integrating direct assessment into their assessment portfolios. Engaging faculty in discussions around dimensions of a particular learning outcome, application of rubric language to actual student work samples, and interpretation of results from the scoring process are essential to successful rubric implementation. Participants will work through a campus calibration session and use the critical thinking VALUE rubric to score a piece of student work.  They will then discuss how stakeholders can collectively analyze and use data to improve student learning. 
Ashley Finley, Senior Director of Assessment and Research, AAC&U; andLinda Siefert, Director of Assessment, University of North Carolina Wilmington

SOLD OUT -Workshop 6: Communicating Effectively About the Value(s) of General Education
This workshop will draw on research and campus communications developed as part of AAC&U’s Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative. Debra Humphreys will examine implications of various reports including data from student focus groups and from employers’ views on the importance of key learning outcomes. Participants will learn how campuses have used LEAP and other public opinion research to craft effective communications plans to advance general education reform and increase student achievement.  They will then strategize their own plans for communicating about the value of general education.
Debra Humphreys, Vice President for Policy and Public Engagement, AAC&U