2018 Southern California PKAL Regional Network Annual Meeting

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Using Varied Instructional Approaches to Help All STEM Students Succeed

March 10, 2018
University of California Los Angeles
Hershey Hall
612 Charles E Young Dr East
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7246

Call For Proposals

Important Deadlines
Workshop Proposals Due: January 10th, 2018 (Extended!)
Poster Abstracts Due: February 16th, 2018

Students come into our STEM classrooms with different identities, life experiences, and levels of academic preparation. As our college classrooms become more diverse, it is crucial that we understand and address the impacts of identity and preparation on students’ college experience and success. Over the course of this one-day meeting, we will explore a variety of education research, evidence-based practices, and pedagogical innovations related to addressing the increasing diversity of our growing student body. 

Please submit a brief description of the proposed workshop (90 minutes). Successful proposals will clearly describe what participants will actively do and what they will learn over the course of the workshop. Participants should be able to leave each workshop with at least one actionable idea for addressing student diversity and success at their home institution. We welcome workshops covering a range of topics from classroom-level innovations to institutional transformations.

Workshop proposals should be no more than two pages and include the following components:

  • Brief abstract to be used in the conference program if accepted (250 words)
  • Intended audience (100 words): Describe who would most benefit from the workshop (i.e., teaching faculty, students, administrators) and what level of background knowledge or preparation is expected to fully participate in the workshop.
  • Participant outcomes (100 words): Include tangible outcomes that participants will take home
  • Participant engagement (150 words): Explain what participants will be doing throughout the workshop as they are actively engaged.
  • Background and description of work (150 words): Provide a brief biography of yourself including your work related to student diversity and success.

Workshop Proposals Deadline Extended:
All workshop proposals should be submitted online by January 10,  2018

Please submit an abstract (250 words) describing a project at your home institution in which you play a key role. Priority will be given to posters that highlight original research, pedagogical approaches, or other interventions designed to understand and address how students’ diverse backgrounds impact their college experience and success.

All poster submissions should be submitted online by ​February 16, 2018.

Please send questions to either debpires@ucla.edu or lizroth@ucla.edu with subject line “SoCal PKAL 2018 annual meeting proposal.”