2013 SoCAL PKAL Network Meeting: Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources

Below are some resources which will be helpful for our discussion on assessment. For additional resources, visit the AACU STEM assessments page.

Assessments probing student beliefs about their learning achievements:



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  • Lopatto, D., et al. (2008). Genomics Education Partnership.Science,322, 684-685.


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RISC (Research on Integrated Science Curriculum)

ARTICLE Assessing Development of an Interdisciplinary Perspective in an Undergraduate Neuroscience Course


Seymour, E., Wiese, D., Hunter, A. & Daffinrud, S.M. (Marzo del 2000). Creating a Better Mousetrap: On-line Student Assessment of their Learning Gains. Paper presentation at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, San Francisco, CA. Download article

Assessments of Student Performance:

3. Writing to Learn in STEM

Reynolds, Julie A., Thaiss, Christopher, Katkin, Wendy, and Thompson, Robert J., Jr. (2012). Writing-to-Learn in undergraduate science education: A community-based, conceptually driven approachCBE—Life Sciences Education 11:17-25. doi:10.1187/cbe.11-08-0064 Available athttp://www.lifescied.org/content/11/1/17.full

4. VALUE Rubrics

How Reliable Are the VALUE Rubrics?
Ashley P. Finley, Association of American Colleges and Universities

5. Concept Inventories

Force Concept Inventory (Physics)

Biological Concepts Inventory   (BCI)
Biological Concepts List (BCL)

6. Major Field Tests