Conference Presentations

We thank Ohio-PKAL Meeting presenters for sharing their work. The following includes only sessions with resources posted. Additional materials will be posted as they are received.

For a complete listing of conference presentations, please visit the conference program.

Conference posters are available here.


Promoting Effective Learning in a Diverse STEM Environment: Hidden Factors That Undermine Your Success
Melvin Hall (Northern Arizona University)


Investigating How Student Dispositions Affect STEM Retention at Your Institution
Ted M. Clark (Ohio State University), Bridget Kiger Lee (Consultant, The Ohio State University)

The Nuts & Bolts of Integrating Metacognitive Learning Strategies into STEM Courses (Handout)
Kathleen Koenig (University of Cincinnati), Paul Nodzak (University of Cincinnati), Dan Waddell (University of Cincinnati)

Which Instrument Should We Use? Assessing Classroom Observation Protocols 
Joan Esson (Otterbein University), Kathryn Plank (Otterbein University), James McCargar (Baldwin Wallace University), Meredith Frey (Otterbein University), Paul Joseph Wendel (Otterbein University)

Getting Started in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
Krista E. Wood (University of Cincinnati), Kathleen A. Harper (The Ohio State University)


Fully Realizing Talents: Supporting Talented STEM Students from Diverse Backgrounds

Fostering Transfer Student Success Through Cross Campus Collaboration
Maia Randle (Columbus State Community College), Melissa Cuadrado (Cuyahoga Community College)

How does “Girls in Science Day [GIS]” affect rural adolescent girls’ attitudes about science now, and in the future?
Carmen S. Dixon (Capital University)

Experiments in supporting Diverse Community of Learners
Tom Giblin (Kenyon College), Aaron Reinhard (Kenyon College)

Metacognition in a Diverse Environment

Developing Expert Learners in Introductory STEM Courses
Kathleen Koenig (University of Cincinnati), Dan Waddell (University of Cincinnati), Paul Nodzak (University of Cincinnati)

Evaluating Student Use of Metacognitive Learning Strategies in General Chemistry
Ted M. Clark (The Ohio State University)

"Inside the Numbers": Motivating Students to Use Metacognition Skills and Track Their Learning Progress
Stacey Allyn Cederbloom (University of Mount Union)

Using Timed Practice Exams to Improve Student Learning
Daniel Andrew Turner (The Ohio State University)

Trailblazing Technology to Enhance STEM Learning 

Teachers as Authors of Computer Based Tutoring Systems
Vasudeva Rao Aravind (Clarion University)

Online Solutions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing STEM Learners
Lisa B Elliot (Rochester Institute of Technology), Austin U Gehret (Rochester Institute of Technology)

“Plickers” as a Formative Assessment Tool
Yong S. Colen (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Bailey L. Marasti (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Coding integration in introductory STEM courses
Richelle M Teeling-Smith (University of Mount Union), Chris Orban (The Ohio State University)

Promoting Effective Learning Across Teaching Environments

How My Students Determined the Fate of the Universe - One Way to Overcome the Math Barrier with Non-STEM Majors
Steven Eugene Cederbloom (University of Mount Union)

Measuring the Efficacy of a Flipped Classroom Intervention in Calculus
Trefor William Bazett (University of Cincinnati)

Bridging the Gap: Ensuring Successful STEM Transitions

Effects of the Operation STEM Program on Underrepresented Minority Students
John Holcomb (Cleveland State University), Jenna Van Sickle (Cleveland State University), Susan Carver (Cleveland State University), Elaine Barnes (Cleveland State University)

STEM teaching modules in a pre-college summer experience as part of the ReBUILDetroit program
Jacob D. Kagey (University of Detroit Mercy)

Broadening participation in STEM: graduate student collaborations with university resources to promote undergraduate research
Adam F Parlin (Miami University), Miranda Strasburg (Miami University), Michael T. Stanley (Miami University), Joyce J. Fernandes (Miami University)  conference program