Resources: Ohio-PKAL First Annual Conference

The following resources were presented at the 2015 Ohio-PKAL First Annual Conference

Mathematics for Chemistry
Mary A. Bergs, Barbara Stoos, Lakshmi Dalwalla, and Tamam Baiz—Mercy College of Ohio

Implementation of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices in Multiple Levels of a Biological Sciences Curriculum
Erin Strome and Bethany Bowling—Northern Kentucky University

Preparing the Underprepared STEM Students for Success
Jordan Jimmy Crabbe—University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College

The Transformative Games Initiative: Blending Undergraduate Research with Games-Based Learning
Robert O. Duncan—The City University of New York, York College

Evaluating the Use of Adaptive Courseware to Improve the First-Year Experience in STEM Courses
Kimberly K. Loscko, Darrell Spurlock, and Heather C. Houchard—Mount Carmel College

Operation STEM
John P. Holcolm, Stephen F. Duffy, Debbie K. Jackson, Andrew H. Resnick, Antoinette Marquard, Candice Quinn, and Susan D. Carver—Cleveland State University

ASSURE: An Intrusive Advising Model to Enhance Retention of Underrepresented Life Science Majors
Bonita Porter, Joyce Fernandes, and Phyllis Callahan—Miami University

Aligning the Learning of Science with the Nature of Science in Large Lecture Classes
Dominik Konkolewicz and Scott Sander—Miami University

A Collaborative Approach to Engage Students in a First-Year Experience
Laura B. Kruger and Karen M. Estridge—Ashland University

Lessons from a First-Year Learning Community
Kimberly Specht and Lew Ludwig—Denison University

PKAL Conference Presentation
Adam I. Keller and Merideth Sellars—Columbus State Community College

Guided Group Work in Physics
C. D. Porter—The Ohio State University

Remote Access Labs for Physics: Distance Learning Without the Distance
Jon Secaur—Kent State University

Lessons Learned Teaching General Chemistry via Video Teleconference
Regan L. Silvestri—Lorain County Community College

Implementing Peer Instruction in a Large, Flipped General Chemistry Classroom
Matthew W. Stoltzfus—The Ohio State University

Learner Self-Assessment with Math Machines
Frederick J. Thomas and Robert A. Chaney—Sinclair Community College

Educational Methods for Inverted-Lecture Computer Science Classrooms to Overcome Common Barriers to STEM Student Success
Kathleen M. Timmerman, Michael Raymer, John Gallagher, and Travis Doom—Wright State University

Developing and Assessing Scientific Reasoning in Introductory Physics Lab
Krista E. Wood and Kathy Koenig—University of Cincinnati