2013 Spring North Carolina PKAL Regional Network Meeting in Conjunction with the North Carolina Academy of Science Annual Meeting

Pedagogical and Classroom Adaptations: SCALE-UP and Flipped Classrooms

April 5, 2013
University of North Carolina Pembroke
The Regional Center
115 Livermore Drive
Pembroke, NC 28372

The North Carolina PKAL Regional Network (NC-PKAL) and the North Carolina Academy of Science (NCAS) have agreed to meet jointly each spring. The first joint meeting will convene on the University of North Carolina Pembroke campus with the PKAL network meeting preceding the NCAS annual meeting. Given the mission of the North Carolina Academy of Science (NCAS) to promote public appreciation of science, science education, scientific research and a meaningful role for science in public policy, the alliance of the NC-PKAL network and NCAS constitutes a synergistic partnership that will advance the goals of both organizations.

On Friday, April 5, 2013, the NC-PKAL meeting will run from 10:00 AM until 4:15 PM and feature a two-hour morning workshop focusing on SCALE-UP and a two hour afternoon workshop focusing on the flipped classroom.

NC-PKAL Meeting Schedule

9:00 am

*Coffee and Conversation

10:00 am

Welcome and Introductions

10:10 am

SCALE-UP Workshop - Facilitator: Robert Beichner,
Professor of Physics, North Carolina State University

12:00 pm

Networking Lunch

12:45 pm

Discipline Meetings

2:00 pm

Flipped Classrooms Workshop - Facilitator: Donna W. Bailey
Teaching & Learning Consultant, Center for Faculty
Excellence, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

4:00 pm

Next Meeting Planning and Closing Remarks

5:00 pm

Registration and Poster Setup for NCAS
University Center Annex, UNC Pembroke main campus

* Includes breakfast.

Registration for the NC-PKAL meeting is separate from the NCAS Annual Meeting; registration information follows further below.

Following the afternoon workshop, NC-PKAL meeting participants are encouraged to participate in the 110th Annual Meeting of the NCAS on April 5-6. Embracing the theme, “Science in the Genomics Era,” the meeting begins on Friday evening (April 5) with a poster session, followed by a plenary address by Dr. Eric Green. Register early so that you can pay a reduced rate and make plans well in advance. NC-PKAL and NCAS members have the opportunity to present their pedagogical research and innovative instructional methods during contributed paper sessions on Saturday, April 6. 


The NC-PKAL meeting will be at the UNCP Regional Center for Economic, Community, and Professional Development, which is on the Carolina Commerce and Technology Center campus on Livermore Drive. The UNCP Regional Center is located on Highway 711, just two miles east of the UNC Pembroke main campus. Directions to the Regional Center are provided here. The phone number for the Regional Center is 910-775-4000.


If you have inquiries regarding the network, please contact Christina Shute (shute@aacu.org).