PKAL Regional Network: Atlanta

Vision & Goals

The goal of PKAL regional networks is to facilitate greater engagement of STEM faculty and administrators to implement more effective, learner-centered teaching strategies to improve student learning and success in STEM education. The PKAL Atlanta Regional Network currently focuses on the following areas of emphasis for its Network:

  • Organizing bi-annual regional workshops where faculty can showcase, share, and discuss ideas and experiences
  • Forming teams of faculty from different institutions who teach similar courses to collaborate on new pedagogies
  • Bringing in high profile speakers
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives geared toward solving a common curricular challenges
  • Rotating open-houses to showcase programs, facilities and events at different campuses.

PKAL workshop philosophy is that:

  • Participants will learn through active, experiential pedagogy, with workshop facilitators serving as role models 
  • Participants will discuss “what works” and “how we know”, and leave with an action plan for their course or program
  • Participants will have the opportunity for disciplinary and cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborations.