Introduction to the Leadership for Interdisciplinary Learning Website

Interdisciplinary learning is a twenty-first-century imperative. We continue to be faced with societal and global challenges that require interdisciplinary thinking to identify suitable solutions, such as finding new energy sources, dealing with the effects of our changing climate, and ensuring populations across the globe have adequate food and healthy living environments. Interdisciplinary programs are often started but run into trouble going beyond limited implementation. This website provides a snapshot view into the practical guide we have developed in order to help campus leaders better mobilize, implement and sustain campus efforts.

The figure represents the process we recommend campuses undertake in order to improve their program planning and development efforts. Each of the three boxes represents one of the main phases in the process: Mobilize, Implement and Institutionalize. Click on each box to learn more about the key questions to ask regarding each phase, the strategies for completing the phase, and the benchmarks for success. Details regarding the questions, strategies and benchmarks and other resources can be found in the PDF version of this guide, as well as the full report that summarizes the recommendations resulting from the Keck/PKAL Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning initiative. The recommendations in the full report resulted from the experiences of over 300 faculty and campus leaders at twenty-eight colleges and universities who participated in initiative, which was funded by the W. M. Keck Foundation.