Interdisciplinary Learning

In January 2008, the W.M. Keck Foundation awarded Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) a grant to implement a three-year project focused on the goal of facilitating interdisciplinary learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) within the undergraduate learning environment. The aim of the project is to advance the efforts of a select group of 28 campuses representing a diversity of program and institution types from across the nation, recognizing the potential of this project to provide easy access to ideas about what works, to materials about lessons learned and adaptable practices, and to assistance for their local efforts to build a curriculum and culture supportive of interdisciplinarity.

The work of 28 selected participating institutions is facilitated through a coordinated series of meetings, consultations, discussions, and other activities, all orchestrated by a project team of leading agents of change within the undergraduate STEM community. The measurable outcomes of this project are determined on two levels: on the success of participating campuses in setting a clear vision for interdisciplinarity and in making demonstrable progress toward realizing that vision; and on the success of PKAL to document, analyze, and disseminate materials about what works in facilitating interdisciplinary learning which will continue to inform efforts within the broader community of stakeholders.

Executive Summary (pdf)