Fellows and Scholars

Patricia Lowrie

AAC&U Distinguished Fellow

Patricia (Pat) M. Lowrie is senior advisor to the dean at the Michigan State University (MSU) College of Veterinary Medicine, founder of Vetward Bound, director of the MSU Women’s Resource Center (WRC), and a long-time champion of diversity and inclusion in the veterinary profession. She is a Distinguished Fellow in AAC&U’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success.

As the WRC director, Ms. Lowrie leads staff in developing and implementing educational, leadership, social justice, and advocacy programs. The WRC coordinates resources and referrals that catalyze institutional change through understanding and valuing difference and empowering faculty, students, and staff to be effective change agents.

In veterinary medicine, Ms. Lowrie’s role is to enhance and increase educational and professional opportunities for underrepresented groups in the health professions. As part of a collaborative broad-based university team, she also advises university leadership on effective methods to engage various constituent groups in synergistic activity that moves beyond anti-discrimination teachings and begins to infuse social justice education more comprehensively into the institution. This team collectively addresses the issues of individuals who are members of oppressed groups, including persons with disabilities and persons who are historically victims of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia.

Ms. Lowrie earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in zoology from Howard University. Her career advocating for diversity and recruiting underrepresented populations began when she was appointed the affirmative action officer for MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She later was appointed assistant to the dean for admissions and affirmative action and, she assumed the role of senior academic specialist and director of the Women’s Research Center at MSU.

Ms. Lowrie has received many honors and awards, including the Outstanding Contribution to Minority Medical Education Award presented by the National Association of Minority Educators. In addition, she has served on numerous local, state, and national committees relating to the recruitment, retention, and development of women and underrepresented individuals in higher education.