Fellows and Scholars

Eugene Rice

AAC&U Distinguished Fellow

In recognition of his significant work on modes of scholarship and on faculty roles and rewards, R. Eugene Rice was named a Distinguished Fellow of AAC&U in 2016. A frequent presenter at AAC&U meetings, he has written for both Liberal Education and Diversity & Democracy and has been an advisor on many initiatives, publications, and conferences for the association.

Dr. Rice writes and consults on a wide range of higher education topics. He is a graduate of Pasadena College and Harvard Divinity School, and he holds a PhD in religion and society from Harvard University. He has served as director of the Forum on Faculty Roles and Rewards and the New Pathways projects at the American Association for Higher Education, and as vice president, dean of the faculty, and professor of sociology and religion at Antioch College.

As senior fellow at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Dr. Rice worked on a national study of the scholarly priorities of the American professoriate and collaborated with the late Ernest Boyer on the Carnegie report Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate. He is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Danforth fellowship, a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship, the Mina Schaughnessy Scholar’s Award, the Council of Independent Colleges’ Academic Award, and an honorary doctorate in humane letters from Marietta College.