Peer Review: Current Issue

Current Issue


Faculty Development for Self-Renewal

This issue of Peer Review presents unique approaches and practical strategies for reinvigorating and reinvesting in faculty self-renewal to improve teaching and learning. Through deep analysis, detailed case studies, and new research, this issue explores how efforts to reenergize faculty and foster deeper connections to their institutions are more vital than ever. As C. Edward Watson writes, “The moment has come for more investment in higher education’s greatest resource—its faculty and future faculty.”

Table of Contents
From the Guest Editor

C. Edward Watson, Association of American Colleges and Universities


Jennifer Jackson and Jennifer Keys; both of North Central College

Tracey Arnold Murray, Paula Federico, Christine Anderson, and Leigh Johnson; all of Capital University

Tamara Beauboeuf-Lafontant and Karla Erickson, both of Grinnell College; and Jan Thomas, Kenyon College

Rowanna L. Carpenter, Annie Knepler, and Vicki Reitenauer; all of Portland State University

Marc Goulden, Angelica Stacy, Karie Frasch, and Janet Broughton; all of the University of California–Berkeley

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