About Peer Review

Peer Review provides a quarterly briefing on emerging trends and key debates in undergraduate education. Each issue focuses on a specific topic, provides comprehensive analysis, and features campus perspectives. The peer review process has long been the academy’s means of ensuring high-quality research, teaching, programs, accreditation, and other key areas. With this quarterly, AAC&U not only invokes this standard of quality but also embraces a more inclusive definition of the academic community. Every quarter, Peer Review brings together a broad range of contributors and readers—including anyone who wishes to participate in improving the quality of undergraduate education.

Shelley Johnson Carey (carey@aacu.org)

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Darbi Bossman

Editorial Advisory Board

James A. Anderson
North Carolina State University

Randy Bass
Georgetown University

David A. Berry
Community College Humanities Association

Norman Coombs
Rochester Institute of Technology

Peter Ewell
National Center for Higher Education
Management Systems

Ann S. Ferren
Radford University

Mildred García
California State University, Dominguez Hills

Richard Guarasci
Wagner College

Elise B. Jorgens
College of Charleston

Adrianna J. Kezar
University of Southern California

Ann Leffler
University of Maine

Donna Maeda
Occidental College

David E. Maxwell
Drake University

Catherine Hurt Middlecamp
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chandra Talpade Mohanty
Syracuse University

John P. Nichols
Saint Joseph’s College

G. Roger Sell
Southwest Missouri State University

Joan Straumanis
Antioch College

Beverly Daniel Tatum
Spelman College