Peer Review, Winter/Spring 2016 - Transparency and Problem-Centered Learning

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Transparency and Problem-Centered Learning

This issue, funded by TG Philanthropy, explores the relationship between high-impact practices and underserved student success. The articles address what faculty can do to redesign courses to achieve transparency in student learning and embed effective practices, such as a problem-centered curriculum, to foster underserved student development and success in college.

Table of Contents

Kirsten Fisher, Claudia Kouyoumdjian, Bidhan Roy, Valerie Talavera-Bustillos, and Michael Willard; all of California State University–Los Angeles

Osvil Acosta-Morales, Elisa McCool, Kathleen Murphey, and Margaret Stephens; all of Community College of Philadelphia

Andrea Salis, Franca Ferrari-Bridgers, Simran Kaur, Kostas Stroumbakis, Amy Traver, and Tanya Zhelezcheva; all of Queensborough Community College of the City University of
New York

Crystal Bevers, Michael Parra, Jeff Thompson, Tamera Wiley-Fauth, and Noël Vincent; all of Heritage University

Carthene R. Bazemore-Walker, Winston-Salem State University

YuanYuan Kang, John Kelly, Creshema Murray, and Adriana Visbal; all of University of Houston–Downtown

Jack Green Musselman, Cory Lock, Chad Long, Susan Loughran, and Michael P. Saclolo; all of St. Edward’s University


Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Matthew Bernacki, Jeffrey Butler, Michelle Zochowski, Jennifer Golanics, and Kathryn Harriss Weavil; all of University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dawn Michele Whitehead, AAC&U

Reality Check

Judith A. Ramaley, Portland State University

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