Peer Review, Summer 2011

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Advancing What Works in STEM: A View Through the PKAL Lens

This issue of Peer Review emerges from the new partnership between Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities and provides a critical lens on current trends and emerging practices in STEM education. This issue highlights the progress that many campuses have been making in improving STEM learning. Articles also feature research findings on interactive STEM learning and STEM/Non-STEM differences in student engagement.

Table of Contents

Susan Elrod, PKAL/AAC&U


Susan Rundell Singer, Carleton College


Whitney M. Schlegel, Indiana University Bloomington

Shannon W. Dingman and Bernard L. Madison, both of the University of Arkansas

Reneta D. Lansiquot, Reginald A. Blake, Janet Liou-Mark, and A. E. Dreyfuss; all of New York City College of Technology, CUNY


Thomas F. Nelson Laird, Indiana University, Bloomington: Daniel F. Sullivan, St. Lawrence University; Christine Zimmerman, St. Lawrence University; and Alexander C. McCormick, National Student Survey of Engagement and Indiana University, Bloomington

Edward Prather, University of Arizona; Alexander Rudolph, Cal Poly Pomona; and Gina Brissenden, University of Arizona

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