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What value do ePortfolios bring to students?


Madden, K., Bowes, K., Miller, M., & Porter, S. (2021). What value do ePortfolios bring to students? Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand, 27(2), 26–27.


EPortfolios - do undergraduate nurses find them useful or not? That is the question. The Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) introduced ePortfolios in 2019 for both second- and third-year bachelor of nursing students. Gone are the days of collating multiple pieces of paper into a three-ring binder, agonising on the order of documents and physically delivering the portfolio when it is time for it to be handed in. It has been well established through international literature that ePortfolios can provide students with a means of learning, collaborating and presenting their academic requirements in an interactive, visual and flexible manner. Research recognises the critical part ePortfolios can play in a student's learning experience.

Category: Descriptive