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Using ePortfolios to synergise assessment of, for, as learning in EFL writing


Lam, R. (2021). Using ePortfolios to synergise assessment of, for, as learning in EFL writing. European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL, 10(1), 101–120.


Electronic portfolios, also known as ePortfolios, are generally defined as a digital learning platform, which documents students' language learning development. In educational assessment, there has been a large body of research on ePortfolios in diverse professional disciplines. Nonetheless, not much has been done to understand how ePortfolios could support teaching and learning of writing in school settings. To fill this gap, this article examines how ePortfolios are applied in EFL writing classrooms by fulfilling its assessment of learning, assessment for learning, and assessment as learning purposes. First, the article starts with an introduction to define ePortfolios and describe multiple assessment purposes. Second, ePortfolios scholarship is critically reviewed according to their multifaceted roles. Third, tensions in assessment purposes are explained. Fourth, the way the assessment of, for and as learning goals are achieved via ePortfolios is discussed. Then, authentic classroom examples that emphasise a positive synergy among the three assessment purposes are reported. Lastly, the article ends with pedagogical implications of and recommendations on how to develop school-based ePortfolio programmes to meet multiple demands.

Category: Descriptive