Publications on ePortfolio: Archives of the Research Landscape (PEARL)

Undergraduate Research EFL Students’ Experiences in Building ePortfolios


Alanazi, S. M., & Bensalem, E. (2022). Undergraduate Research EFL Students’ Experiences in Building ePortfolios. Multidisciplinary Journal for Education, Social and Technological Sciences, 9(2), 1–22.


High-impact practices (HIPs) have been adopted by many universities around the world to enhance student learning. The aim of this qualitative study was to analyzed how building ePortfolios may impact student learning experience via weekly reflections. A total of 47 senior undergraduate English as a foreign language (EFL) students enrolled in research projects shared reflections about their research experiences via the development of ePortfolios. Data analysis was carried out through deductive coding of the transcribed focus groups and weekly reflections. Findings suggest that the participants used their ePortfolios to improve their writing skills and increase their knowledge. Students were able to track their progress and felt more engaged in learning. They also showed appreciation to the feedback provided by their instructors on their reflections. However, the students shared some challenges they faced while developing their ePortfolios. Despite these challenges, there was a positive impact of ePortfolios on students’ learning experiences. Implications and further directions for research are discussed.