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Improving Portfolio Assessment: Addressing Challenges in Transition to Eportfolio


Sabio, C., Chen, J., Moxley, E. A., Taylor, L., Kuchinski, A.-M., & Peters, B. T. (2020). Improving Portfolio Assessment: Addressing Challenges in Transition to Eportfolio. Journal of Nursing Education, 59(12), 705–708.


Background: As health care education programs adopt electronic portfolios (eportfolios), a midwestern university baccalaureate nursing program faces challenges in transitioning from a 25-year-old paper-based system to eportfolio. Method: Process improvements and faculty development were implemented through collaboration with the information technology (IT) department and the involvement of students as ambassadors. Pre- and posttransition surveys and portfolio benchmarks were used to evaluate the efficacy of the new eportfolio system. Results: Results of faculty and student surveys revealed improved positive experiences regarding the value, clarity, and ease of use of the eportfolio system. Benchmark deficits decreased from six of eight portfolio criteria in Fall 2017 to none in Fall 2019. Conclusion: Buy-in through faculty and student involvement, along with a user-centered design, are essential for a successful eportfolio transition. Student and faculty engagement would be secured when they are well-informed in the transition process.

Category: Empirical, Affective