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Community nursing students' experiences of using e-portfolios


Taylor, C. (2021). Community nursing students’ experiences of using e-portfolios. Community Practitioner, 94(4), 44–47.


* This evaluative study explores the perceptions and experiences of community nursing post-registration students while using an e-portfolio. * Traditionally, students submitted portfolios as paper copies; however, a new electronic version was implemented using Pebble+ as a software platform. * A predominantly qualitative approach explored students' views and experiences of using the e-portfolio in practice. * Findings demonstrate that students value the e-portfolio, and overall found it a positive experience. However, some barriers were evident, including the availability of wi-fi (especially in rural areas) and access to expert technical support. * Successful implementation of the e-portfolio has had a positive impact for students, practice partners and the teaching team.

Category: Empirical, Affective