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Academic Support of ODL Students through e-Portfolio Assessment


Mudau, P. K., & Wyk, M. M. V. (2021). Academic Support of ODL Students through e-Portfolio Assessment. The International Journal of Technologies in Learning, 28(1), 59–73.


Academic student support plays an integral role in the Online Distance Learning (ODL) environment, particularly with the use of the e-portfolio as a relatively new assessment tool, which was introduced in 2013. This article explored how academic support offered during e-portfolio design and development was efficient for showcasing student competencies and skills. The study, underpinned by the pragmatic approach, employed an explanatory mixed methods research design. The sample was selected from a cohort of Bachelor of Education and Postgraduate Certificate in Education students (n = 102) registered for the course, Teaching Methodology Economics, involved in e-portfolios. The data collection instruments were online questionnaires completed by students and semi-structured interviews with lecturers involved in e-portfolio as an alternative approach. Findings suggested that students viewed academic support as playing a significant role in their course success. However, further research is recommended to determine the role of academic student support in modules using e-portfolio as an alternative form of assessment in teacher education programs. In addition, further research is required to build on the policy and practice of alternative assessment approaches, particularly e-portfolio.

Category: Empirical, Affective