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Publications on ePortfolio: Archives of the Research Landscape

After compiling empirical evidence of ePortfolio’s effectiveness, we felt that others should benefit from the fruit of our labor. The purpose of this website is twofold:

  • to make empirical evidence regarding ePortfolio’s effectiveness more accessible to researchers and practitioners, and
  • to community-source the task of keeping this database up-to-date.

What can you find here?

This archive consists of every peer-reviewed journal article we could locate that focuses on ePortfolio. We included only refereed journal articles in this database, as our purpose is to compile evidence that has been reviewed by experts in the field. Thus, no books, conference presentations, white papers, reports, etc., can be found on this site.

To best illustrate trends in the current landscape of ePortfolio literature, we also categorized every article to reflect inherent themes:

Our Audience

Who is this website designed for? ePortfolio aficionados, researchers, practitioners, and lovers, from practitioners who are looking to implement ePortfolio and seeking information on best practices to researchers gathering and synthesizing information. Welcome!

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