Participation in the VALUE Project

VALUE Leadership Campuses

The VALUE Leadership Campuses were chosen by AAC&U for their existing work on e-portfolios and assessment. These campuses:

  • Have a well-established undergraduate e-portfolio program,
  • Have an assessment process for undergraduate e-portfolios,
  • Will share rubrics currently in use on campus,
  • Will assess a sample of their undergraduate e-portfolios using their local rubrics and share results,
  • Will assess the same sample using AAC&U metarubrics and share their results,
  • Will share sample of undergraduate e-portfolios for use with National Review Panels,
  • Will collaborate in disseminating their e-portfolio work nationally.

VALUE Partners

The VALUE Partner Campuses contributed to the development and pilot testing of the metarubrics by using AAC&U metarubrics to assess local undergraduate e-portfolios or other student work and providing general feedback on usefulness while facilitating rapid piloting and development of the rubrics.

VALUE Contributors

This group includes the rubric teams who worked on the development of metarubrics for the Essential Learning Outcomes and other individuals who:

  • Submitted local campus rubrics for the Essential Learning Outcomes.
  • Worked on AAC&U metarubric development, articulation, and piloting.