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New Jersey Council of County Colleges

The purpose of the Center for Student Success is to work with all community colleges across the state of New Jersey to more effectively assist students in achieving degree or certificate completion. Our goal is to support the colleges through data-driven information so that campus administrators, faculty and staff are making the most informed decisions. In addition, the Center will benefit greatly by building upon the already established foundation set by the New Jersey Council of County Colleges’ Big Ideas Project. With a deep and meaningful understanding of the academic initiatives brought about through the Big Ideas project, the Center for Student Success will focus additionally on complementary student services initiatives that, when coupled with those of the Big Ideas project, will lead to a comprehensive student success program.


The Center for Student Success aims to foster a collaborative process in which students, faculty, administrators, and staff work together to develop a culture of academic and personal success for community college students across the state of New Jersey. Consistent with the mission of our colleges, we aim to promote a community in which students are encouraged to succeed and excel as they work towards achieving their goals of degree and certificate completion.