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Personal and Social Responsibility Institutional Matrix

This Institutional Matrix is designed to help you map your institution’s overall commitment to education for personal and social responsibility (PSR).

Matrix Elements

The Matrix (pp. 2-8) consists of one chart for each of the five dimensions of personal and social responsibility that are central to the initiative, a summary sheet, and an asset-gap analysis sheet. It is comprised of three elements:

Horizontal Axis: The Five Dimensions of PSR

See Appendix 1 (pp. 9-14) for a list of the five dimensions and a description of traits associated with each. As you fill out your matrix, we invite you to expand upon and refine the traits as they are described here.

Vertical Axis: Domains of Campus Culture

See Appendix 2 (p. 15) for a list of five domains of campus culture. As with the list of traits, we invite you to refine and expand on this list so it is appropriate for your particular institution. Mapping education for PSR across these domains should help you determine where your institution has assets and gaps.

Rating Box: The Degree of Pervasiveness of Campus Efforts

See Appendix 3 (p. 16) for more information on determining the degree of pervasiveness of campus efforts. The matrix asks you to consider two mutually reinforcing aspects of institutionalization—breadth and depth.

Significant breadth and depth would be demonstrated by effective, sustainable, and comprehensive institutionalization of programs, policies, and procedures that support education for PSR.