Institute Faculty Consultants: 2021 Institute on ePortfolios

Helen Chen, Stanford University—ePortfolios and “folio thinking”; engineering and STEM education, design thinking strategies and approaches, engaging stakeholders in academic and student affairs

Amelia Parnell, NASPA—documenting and assessing co-curricular learning; assessment and evaluation in student affairs; research, policy, and effective practice in support of student success; higher education leadership

Tracy Penny Light, AAEEBL—ePortfolios (implementation and transformation); faculty development; pedagogical practice; learner engagement; student success; documenting learning

Terrel Rhodes, AAC&U—ePortfolios and rubrics; learning communities; integrative learning; institutional transformation; transfer students and assessment

C. Edward Watson, AAC&U—ePortfolios (campus-wide adoption, diffusion of innovations); general education; pedagogical practice; faculty development; learning science; research and SoTL