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Making Excellence Inclusive: Roots, Branches, Futures

In 2012, anticipating the association’s centennial anniversary, AAC&U expanded its mission to encompass both liberal education and the long-term project of making excellence inclusive. This shift was not made lightly. The expansion of our mission built on at least two decades of work to clarify the kind of learning college graduates need most, for a complex world and as citizens in a diverse and still inequitable democracy. It also built on the extensive work that AAC&U has led over the past two decades to help our member institutions, and the higher education community as a whole, create more intentional, hospitable, and educationally empowering environments for the diverse and unevenly prepared students now flocking to postsecondary education.

So what are the connections between liberal education and inclusive excellence? What does the concept of inclusive excellence add to the mission of advancing liberal education?