MTT™ Reviews

The experiential learning part of '[My Tenure Trek]' was very powerful, emotional experience for me.

The [My Tenure Trek] simulation was very intense and incredibly beneficial. We debriefed the experience, but it was both fascinating and difficult to experience the shifting of privilege.

I thought the path to tenure was particularly impactful It was both frustrating and enlightening at the same time because the dialogue and the outcome could not be changed. It is not that I feel like I understand a minority experience from just this one ELE, but because I get a better understanding of how both professional bullying and institutional biases can unfortunately shape the profession and the modern reality.

I'm not sure there is enough space to show my personal growth from the ELEs. Reflecting on the problem solving and communication during the first ELE  to the final ELE surprise myself of my improvement as a leader over the course of 5 days. At the beginning of the week, I wouldn't have considered myself a leader due to my age and academic position, I have always been a leader of my peers. I learned that I can still lead people older and more experienced than myself.

The "[My Tenure Trek]" tenure experience was a very powerful way to initiate our discussion of and reflection upon about race, class, and gender in academia. It opened up some old wounds for me that I thought I had dealt with, but evidently have not quite. They serve now as a powerful motivation for me to help monitor the processes at my institution and to make sure I do all I can to ensure equitable treatment for our students and faculty.”