My Tenure Trek®


My Tenure Trek®  (MTT) is a powerful professional development tool that provides STEM faculty with real life experiences that mirror the influences of power and privilege in STEM higher education. Grounded in experiential learning theory, this unique professional development exercise simulates a tenure process that is characteristic of the academic STEM disciplines – guiding participants through a range of authentic interactions, situations, and conditions that span every facet of the lived experiences of STEM faculty on the track toward earning tenure.

A distinctive feature of MTT includes the opportunity for participants to assume an identity that represents the gender, race/ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation that is distinctly different from their own. As such, MTT offers an opportunity to adjust the critical lens through which participants can view the systems of oppression within the culture of STEM higher education that continue to undermine national attempts to diversify the STEM workforce.


The MTT simulation is offered exclusively to participants of the Project Kaleidoscope STEM Leadership Institute.