Wye Seminars at the Aspen Institute

About Wye Seminars

The Association of American Colleges and Universities is pleased to have a strong history of working with The Aspen Institute, whose mission is to foster enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue to promote nonpartisan inquiry and an appreciation for timeless values.

AAC&U and The Aspen Institute are pleased to announce two Wye Seminars on "Citizenship in the American and Global Polity" to be held in the summer of 2013. The Wye Seminars combine vigorous intellectual exchange with time to read, reflect, exercise, and socialize on the beautiful Aspen Wye River campus in Queenstown, Maryland. 

The Wye Deans' Seminar

The Deans' Seminar – held June 7-11, 2015, for college and university chief academic officers, academic vice presidents, provosts, and academic deans – will focus on the challenges of academic leadership and liberal education in a diverse, global world.  The Seminar will probe the values and goals fundamental to our institutions, using classical texts, both ancient and modern, eastern and western, illuminated by discussion with colleagues from other colleges and universities.

Wye Faculty Seminar

The Wye Faculty Seminar – held July 18-24, 2015, is one of the premier faculty development programs in the country. The Seminar seeks to address what we believe is a central need of faculty members – to exchange ideas with colleagues from other disciplines and other institutions committed to liberal education and probe ideas and values that are foundational to liberal learning in a free society.  The Wye Faculty Seminar is offered to selected faculty members who have the honor of being nominated by their presidents and deans for their distinctive contributions to the quality of liberal education.

More information is available from The Aspen Institute, by calling (410) 820-5374, or emailing Charlene Costello.

Wye Seminars at AAC&U's Annual Meeting

AAC&U’s Annual Meeting includes a demonstration of the Wye Seminar, which provides an opportunity to preview the intellectual values and practices of the Wye Seminars.For more information about all Wye Seminars—including the demonstration at the Annual Meeting—please call 410-820-5374 or send an e-mail to Charlene Costello at The Aspen Institute.